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SNIM 2020, the Apulia Boat Show will take place at our 🔸Marina of Brindisi🔸 from 29th of April to 3rd of May 2020. Come to visit us.




FOR MORE DETAILS: http://www.snimpuglia.it/?fbclid=IwAR0EEjNTi4L354fuSEf86a9K5KfvbeT_JrvK88EGvl12B6GjQTG024Rb7C0


The main themes of this edition are the protected marine parks, the protection of the coastline, the conscious use of the sea and the eco-sustainability of development. Key players of the Boat Show will be the marine protected areas of Torre Guaceto and Porto Cesareo. #SNIM2020 from March 25th to 29th at Brindisi Marina Yacht Harbour. Are you ready?





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